10 Beauty Quotes Decoded !

Glow is the Essence of Beauty : No matter how much time, and effort you invest in your makeup or how much money you spend on good clothes and accessories is of no use until you have an even glowing skin tone. No we are not talking about fair skin, we are talking about healthy even glowing skin tone.

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Looking Good is the Best Revenge: This is nothing but a translation of “ Actions speak louder than words” in the language of fashion,

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Money can’t buy Happiness, But it can buy Makeup!:The satisfaction of looking at your beautiful reflection in the mirror is something, no other feeling can beat. And well as they say there is no such thing that a red lipstick cannot fix 

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Happy Girls are the Prettiest:People who lead happy and peaceful lives, glow from within and well that and as we all know that smile is the best accessory a girl can wear.

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Never Underestimate the Power of an EyeBrow: The upper half of your face makes up 90% of your selfie and the main feature to  styles is your eyebrows. Its necessary to keep them in shape as well as do a little detailing. 

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The World is My Runway : Waiting for the perfect occasion to buy an outfit or getting your hair done  is the most common mistake , because we should always be ready for this event called life! 

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Just Wing It :Because girls the only thing you need to care about is your eyeliner and well the boys will adjust. Till the time your eyeliner is on fleek you have it in you to change your world.

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Makeup Accentuates The Beauty You Already Have:This is a word of caution for those who feel that they can use makeup anyway they want.Well it just doesn’t work that way, makeup has its own rules, and the thumb rule is that one must use makeup only to enhance your features.

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Wakeup & Makeup : Because that is the kind of spirit one needs in their life! If you have it in you to do this everyday, you have 60% of your life sorted.

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With a good Makeup Brush, every woman is an Artist!: Because the look and transformation a women is capable of creating is nothing less than a miracle in itself. What we are talking about here is creation, imagination and pure unadulterated love! 

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