10 Effortless Beauty Rituals to follow for Healthy Skin !

“Because we all strive for Exquisite Skin Tone”

You do not need a cosmetologist to tell you that Beautiful skin is no miracle only commitment. Skin care has known to gain a lot of importance in the recent years, as a simple extension of wellness and healthcare. Because Healthy skin and Healthy mind is always in !

Here are some pointers from our beauty experts that require little to no-effort and are guaranteed to result in a healthy glow!

When you get up, your skin gets up with you After you complete complaining about having to get up so freak in early, the very next thing you are supposed to do is to love yourself and by that we mean loving your skin! Grab that cotton swab put on a gentle cleanser and clean your face! If you have oily skin do not hesitate to use face wash.

After Bathing If you are using hot water, do not splash it on your face, hot water is known to rip off moisture! Also, moisturise your face within five minutes of getting out of shower to lock in moisture!

Splash me Cold! Using cold water on your face will result in freshness and relieve you from acne! Try doing this at night and you will notice a difference within 15 days.

Getting to know yourself : Always buy skin products according to your skin type. Everything is not for everybody. Do not go on shopping sprees without doing your homework.

Screen me Please! Biggest sin in skincare manual is to avoid sunscreen, although extremely important the product is not sacred for face. Lather yourself in SPF for all visible parts of your body when stepping out in the sun.

Pop Those Pills: Vitamin e and omega 3 oils are extremely useful for your skin. A clinical research suggests that within 8 months of use these pills are guaranteed to show visible results and also slow down the ageing process. *Order them from amazon ASAP!*

Vitamin C :Vitamin C is known to reduce the production of melanin in the skin, which is known to cause pigmentation. Popping up vitamin C in any form is known to show miraculous results in 3 months! Bonus Tip: Start consuming lemons, they have loads of vitamin c and also help in cutting down fat.

Grab that MASK: The new buzz in the market is all about Sleeping Masks, and from what we know, they are here to stay. Grab one from sephora, or go for DIY mantra according to your skin type and just like that sleep on it!

Staying Makeup Free This one is been in for centuries, but we 21st century girls have a lazy gene embedded in us and thus we go to our beds with makeup on ! Please trust us, sleeping with make up on will never reward you with “I woke up like this swag “

Night time skin care Lets cut out the crap and come to the point. Cleanser – Face wash- Toner(Only if your skin is oily, else use rosewater)-Acne treatment(If you are going through it)-Moisturiser and lip balm!

Bonus tip: Our skin is made up of 16 layers whereas our lips are only made up of 5. Hence they are a lot more sensitive than our skin and hence need equal care and protection! Always keep a colourless lip balm handy! Apply coconut oil on them before sleeping and remember to use a lip scrub every 10 days!   

And remember , Skin First- Makeup Second – Smile Always!

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