10 Habits that are Hampering your Appearance

Because you must always sing a song that only you can hear, and the rhythm you play is equal to the effort you put into your well being, and although you say and we agree that inner beauty prevails over outer loveliness a little love and care never hurt anybody!  


–Because no matter how many flaws you have,you can always  stitch yourself up to perfection–


Sunscreen:We are all aware of the importance of using sunscreen, and and most of us have the merit of using it daily on our faces! What is the problem you ask? Sunscreen is equally essential for all our body parts! This is the most common mistake made by girls, and the result is visible difference between complexion of hands vs face!

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Eating the Wrong Food: This one is not as easy as avoiding sugar and salts, There some specific do’s and a lot of dont’s. Avoid eating spicy foods at all costs as it may cause blemishes and dark patches on the skin. In addition to this if you want acne free and hydrated skin you will have to stay away from fried food.

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Smoking:This one is a big no-no because not only will it take toll on your health, this is bad for your lips and will harm your skin.

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Not Cleansing: Coming home late and sleeping with our makeup on, is the biggest mistake, which we all are guilty of making. This disables your skin to breathe, makes you acne prone and well, you do not look very dreamy when you get up!

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Ignoring :Ignoring a skin issue, and not getting is treated at the earliest can lead to a skin disorder! Skin is as essential as other organs and deserves our care and attention.

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Unawareness:Not being aware of skin your type and buying the products you do not need which will directly harm the texture of your skin and may lead to an uneven skin tone.

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Experiments: Just because your friend is happy with a latest product and is happy does not mean that you should do that as well. Products you buy for your skin are not just expense, they are investments for a beautiful you!

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Using Hot Water: This one rips the moisture of your face, and may lead to uneven skin tone and acne. As much as you enjoy hot water bath, avoid using it on your face.

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Being Lazy :This one simply means, that you are not doing, what you should be doing. Not cleansing your face at night, or not hydrating your face in the morning. This lazy ass behaviour may take a toll on your skin

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Taking Stress:This one makes your skin dull, and also makes a person gain weight! Please stop thinking about something that is causing you to stress out and stay cool!

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