10 Lifestyle Habits that are Secretly Influencing your Looks!

Because, the best thing to be is a “Work in Progress”   

It is always the tiniest of things that have the ability to make a huge difference,Little changes here and there in your lifestyle are bound to show you the miracle of self love and self care. Because it is only your love for yourself that will create beautiful flashbacks!  

First 15 Minutes !

A psychological study conducted at Yale states that how you spend your first 15 minutes after waking up  can influence your day.We advise you to make your bed on your own because completing this task gives you the vibe of getting work done. Also be grateful for a new day and the opportunities it has to offer.

Along with this please do not pick up your phone as soon as you get up until its an emergency the notifications can wait.  

Being Grateful

We have just mentioned it in point number one and we will say it again , When you are grateful you radiate vibes to attract positivity into your life! And also your body releases hormones like oxytocin and serotonin which leaves you with a feeling of well being.

Your Relationship with your Alarm Clock

Getting up on time has a lots of benefits, but the two most important ones that affect your appearance are that you get time to dress-up and also to have a healthy meal or prepare one! These short term and long term benefits are equally important for a healthy and beautiful you!

Managing your Water Intake

Water is the most wonderful thing for your body and we all know that. Hydrate yourself whenever possible ! Also, if someone is being mean drown them in. This multipurpose drink is our go to solution for all the problems!

Open-Open- Open in the Air!

Weather it is an early morning stroll or a late night walk! Once you make it a habit it will be your most cherished one not only will it help you lose weight . Walking in the fresh air is known to have healthy and refreshing impact on your mind and heart, and aids you in sleeping well.

Your Ability to Breaking the Blues!

A recent survey suggested that 8 people out of 10 have claimed that they feel depression or anxiety at least once a day, and can do nothing about it. Not only this affects your mental health but accelerates the aging process and makes you gain weight! You read that right experiencing anxiety takes a heavy toll on your metabolism process.Our top picks to break the blues will be to talk to a friend, pet an animal, youtube something funny or in extreme cases grab a bite of your favourite fast food! (We repeat, only a bite)

Screen Time

This one is mothers favourite, we have all been through the moments when our mothers wanted to snatch our phones, dump them into the nearest river, and guess what? Like always she was right. Please avoid using your mobile phones, just because you are bored. Not only this has a negative impact on your eyesight, the rays hamper your sleep, and though we can go on and on we think we have made our point.

Your Meals

It’s always the tiniest things that make much of a difference, yes we are talking about Sugar and Salt. Always start by eating a heavy and healthy breakfast so that you are too full to be tempted by that vending machine or canteen food. Always fill up on veggies and proteins and avoid packaged food at all costs. And drop of those last few pounds like a pro.

Only- Me time

If you are not able to make at least 40-45 minutes for yourself, You are doing something wrong and that something wrong is bound to hamper your appearance in a bad way. Everyone deserves a little me time  their disposal weather it is for a self motivation talk, a glass of wine or a little pamper me parlour!

Sleep Time

Not sleeping on time and getting less than six hours of sleep should be registered as a crime against one’s own self ! We urge you to throw away your phones before getting into bed and grab a book you have been meaning to read from so long.

After All there is no sleeping beauty without sleep.

P.S: It takes around 21 days to form a habit, so we suggest you to keep a checklist in order to make sure you have followed the suggestions and if you can get a friend who can commit  to practice this with you ! You are in for a life altering experience.  

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