10 Perks of Spending Time Alone

Spending time alone, all by yourself is a chance that very few of us are willing to give yourself. Its a power very few can handle and provides stunning clarity at a level that not all are ready to face.

–Because you are entitled to meet the person, who makes you who you are–

Reset Button: Whenever you mute out all the external noises, and there is absolutely no one but yourself to speak to. This is when a person loses all its inhibitions as well as all the external influences. Spending time alone lets you be free in all perspectives and results in a newer fresher you. 

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Detox: External Influences tend to do more bad and less good towards a person. We are left manipulated, confused and at times trapped by jealousy. Taking a break and staying away for some time can help you loosen up and let go of all the things that bother you.It is only peace and silence that can help you in being comfortable with the situation. `

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Self Confidence: The above mentioned points mixed with mental clarity are the most important ingredients for self confidence. Because once you find that you are there in solitude feeling all better just by yourself that is the moment when a person gains ultimate confidence to do and face anything. 

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Liberating : Solitude is liberating at so many levels that the feeling in itself is ecstatic. Because a person is finally free from the cluttered thoughts, expectations and demands from society. The burden of being perfect or always saying the right things. Also being comfortable with your own company is a level of liberation very few aim to achieve. 

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Empathy-Productivity & Creativity: When a person is alone they are more attentive to their own needs and demands. Hence when you are alone and at peace you tend to look at the priorities you need to fulfil for yourself, and even if you do that task out of boredom the end result and its impact is always surprising.

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Escape: We are all aware that the world we live in has a lot of pressure, expectations, do’s & don’ts, fake emotions and what not. When you start spending some time alone, in the privacy you tend to escape those pressures, which have been so prominent in the past that they have become an inherent part of your lifestyle.

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Reflect & Review: The only thing that has the capacity to lead you to damage is when you look at your past, with what if and regrets. This is a major point to be taken care of when trying to raise your privacy walls high. The thing to do is to always go for review over repent. Try and look at your past, but only with a critical view of what you can learn.Image result for past lessons


Tolerance : The reboot and detox you go through in solitude increase your tolerance towards the world. It is only after spending time with yourself that you realise that the world and its demands are nothing more than some background noises. This gives you enough patience to not get affected by whatever is happening around you.

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The Voice Within: We are so busy listening to others, that we most often forget to listen to ourselves, we are always looking at where the world is going that we often let go of the places where we actually want to be. 

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Value of Others:  Spending time in solitude for long, may lead to feelings of loneliness, or the strong revelations about our ourselves may lead to us being in need of someone. The need may vary for reasons of joy or sadness and both are equally relevant.Hence the people we yearn for in moments like these are the ones actually worth it. 

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It is only in solitude that you find how rich you are.

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