10 Qualities of a Successful Instagram Influencer 

More than 96% of Instagram users have known to follow at least five to seven Instagram influencers, and as they say there is always to learn something from someone. Since the past decade Instagram has been known to mark its name at the highest rank when it comes to technology start ups. Business of any sort is supposed to be the most serious task, no matter how glamorous all of this seems you can never eat the cake and have it to. 


As being an IG influencer or content creator has its perks , it has a lot of hard work in the basket, reason being you have to be equally focused towards the quality and quantity of the content. In a way doing this part, and showing consistency on all your social media channels in whatever way possible reflects the amount of passion you have. The competition is already made it to being all time high and you can leave no stone unturned.

Self Love 

You can never pour out from an empty cup and Hence, if you do not love and respect yourself for being who you are, there is no point being an influencer or creator.We have seen a lot of creators or influencers starting out huge, and then vanishing in just no time. The underlying cause of this is that people who do not practise self love usually wear off easily and the passion just goes away. 


If you are really good at something, you can capitalise it right away using the platform of social media because somewhere down the line, a lot of people out there are just looking for some inspiration and well if you have it in yourself you are doing something about the thing you love the most, improving yourself, making money out of it and above all inspiring millions.

Developing Thick Skin 

As soon as you start something, the first thing you will receive is criticism, and well that is just a sign that you are on the right track. 

Importance of Team 

It is almost always that we are focused on only one person who is the name of the brand, however if we have a look at the successful bloggers there is always a team. As we have already discussed the importance of quality and consistency this journey is never complete without other professional partners. 

Importance of Brand 

Making your name in the market and maintaining it is the most important part of your game plan and requires continuous evaluation. The secret here is to reach out to as many people as possible, because if the content does not reach out to the target audience it is of no importance. 

Pro Tip : Investing time and money in your brand, from day one is never a bad idea.  

Content is the King 

No matter what you do, and how you go about it its always about the quality of your work. If you are doing something noteworthy, people are bound to get attracted. Your focus should always be upon the theme of your content and the quality of your work.

360degree Engagement 

Expanding your horizons and breaking the barriers, this one is also about being consistent and being in touch with your audience. Being equally active on all the social media channels is another key factor for being a successful social media influencer.The bonus tip would be to being active on your snap and insta stories to give your social family a daily dose of entertainment.  

It is always about Big Picture 

The theme of your blog and your I/G page should always be in sync, and once you have mastered that trick there isn’t much more left to do.  

Relevance to the Customer 

The most sought after marketing tip is that if you have appealed to the customer in the right way, and have somehow convinced him or her that whatever you are saying or selling will make a difference in their life, you have got yourself a fan-customer-a marketing agent and much more!