10 Things Every Millennial Should Be Thankful For


Firstly, You should always be thankful for life, and its beauty However after that you should actually be thankful for the technology because if not for them, we would have been troubled, bugged and irritated beyond measure! Team Creatorshala presents  things to be thankful for because gratitude gets us more and we do want a lot more! 


Because, if not for this we would have been still stuck with the recharge wale “Bhaiya” talking about message packs all day long. Also we would never be able to show how angry we were, without the facility of removing whatsapp dp’s!   

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Ctrl C + Ctrl V 

Our very own, most beloved Copy- Paste. Admit it, you would rather die without this. Like why is this one so underrated it doesn’t matter if you are graduating from Sharda University or Oxford this one should be solemnly thanked for in all the graduating speeches, because if not for this a lot of us would have been stuck in freshman year. 

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Wiki – Wiki Wik 

Because, if we did not have this there would have been no use of “Copy Paste”, so guys please thank the owner of Wikipedia for imparting more knowledge than all the education institutions combined

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Hair Straightening Tools 

This one is sure to bring a cunning smiles to the faces of all the girls. Weather it is about going to college, going on a date or attending a get together this is the most universal tool all by one and all. Also, this is the new “Cheeni &  Dahi” of the modern India, because a lot of Neighbour Aunty’s out there are asking for straightening machines from the next house, because “Hume Kahi Jana Hai Aaj”

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Arranged Marriages 

Since the above point was solely dedicated to girls we would like to dedicate this one to the boys, because if not for arranged marriages a lot of them out there would have been so frustrated with there life that even god residing above would have been helpless to their grief . However in India we have parents who would never leave any stone unturned and bam, it is there goodwill that you see mismatched couples all around you.

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Camera Phones 

Being a part of the last generation whose whole childhood was not captured on camera phones, and to die for snapchat filters we still are thankful for these “Clicks” that capture the most beautiful of moments. Being missed that childhood fun, we still had the privilege of capturing our memories with our so called soul mates (Only to delete them later on). Still can’t help falling in love with our selfie face 

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Because, we all love going out and about, However have you ever imagined how difficult it would have been if not for Google Maps. Although we would still want them to shout “Flyover ke neeche se jana hai ya upar se” and rerouted the map when i was going towards my ex, We still cannot thank them enough.

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Although we have made quite a list of things that have made our lives better, most of the time we still end up depressed and in my opinion this is the time when Swiggy comes in, just order in your favourite food and chill. The real level of maturity is when you replace Tinder with Swiggy!

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Air Fryer

Yes this is my personal favourite, because I still live with my mom and she just wont allow me to use Swiggy everytime and hence Air Fryer, just pop in some Mccain or potatoes wait for the bell to ring!

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Munching is never complete without having something to watch, and If you have been following the blogs, that I am an ardent lover of FRIENDS. Because we are all mature until someone brings out Bubble Wrap.

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P.S : Please be equally thankful to your friends, family and life partners, because the stuff mentioned above can only make your life better, whereas these people make your life, “Janhit Mei Jarri “

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