10 Things to Learn from a Kid, That Will Surely Make Your Life Better!

We all adore them- We all want to be with them, or even better be them, but have you ever wondered that there is a lot to learn from them. Surprised Much? Well you will be more surprised once you are done reading the post!


— Because every time a baby is born it’s like, God has sent a little bit of heaven on Earth–


Smile : We all know how that innocent smile captures our heart and cages it forever! No research can claim to find out the exact reason behind those giggles, winks and hysterical voices. And just like that their smile makes everything better.

Big Time Foodies: Serve whatever you may, and they will open their mouth with all their might. They are ready to take a bite out of whatever life has to offer!

P.S: They also give their verdicts in very innovative ways, as to what they did not like

No Compromise with Sleep: They sleep, and then they sleep some more.As adults we often compromise or sleep, for things that have little to no importance at all, Which results in fatigued body and overtaxed mind.Never ever compromise on your sleep and show off that smile each time you wake up.  

Oh, and Dreams:Once I asked a little girl what she wanted to be and she said Astronaut, and for a second I was awestruck by the confidence she portrayed. In contrast to them we adults having caved something for each one of us have developed a habit of cribbing at little challenges.

Hustle-Hustle, Never Settle: A little one was sitting silently, saw no one ever! You will never in your life spot a child sitting in a spot, they are always in their go-go mood. No, we are not asking you to jump around in your drawing room aimlessly.(Although, that might burn a lot of calories). All we are saying is always run behind whatever you wind what that infectious energy, which is hard to chase and even harder to beat.

Importance of Faith : You throw that little being into the air, and all you can hear is giggles, because they know that you will never let them fall! That is the power and beauty of faith!

Everything is a little better with Mom: They need to do a lot of things, and they would never do a single thing when they are not around their mothers! They never care about what is going on, just let them be with mumma-bear and see that smile!

Being Selective :A research suggested that even these little ones, have a very strong sixth sense, and can judge vibe of the people nearby! This is the reason you spot them crying randomly when a stranger pokes them. Just copy them blindly on this funda, cut the crap out of your life!

Starting Over: If you have seen it, you already know what we are talking about.They may fall of a ride, stairs or at the park. They will get up as if nothing happened, and resume on an even faster note, and just like that we know how undying spirit looks like.  

Curiosity ! : Apart from those annoying questions when they are asking for your stuff! Most of the things they ask for are pretty inquisitive, which is so unlike adults because we are the ones always letting things run out of our hands.

Oh and the most important one, remember how your parents smiled on your little accomplishments and that home filled with laughter at little things, recreating that sounds like a wonderful idea, with very little effort!

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