Five Superfoods for Glowing Skin

Oranges & Lemon :  Basically Vitamin C is the best food for your skin and has the ability to make you glow from the inside out. The antibacterial properties and fibre content are good for your blood. And delay the process of ageing. Also melanin as a substance is responsible for darkness of skin tone which is used in the synthesis of vitamin C. Hence just pop them and see the magic for yourself. Also the fibre content is sure to make you lose weight super fast.

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Coconut Water : These are our little skin fighters, they fight with acne, oily skin and blackheads. Make it a point to have it on a daily basis and get rewarded with clear skin in just a matter of days

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Dark Chocolate : Because this one is the perfect cocktail of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins as well as super benefits of cocoa. Make sure to buy the one which has 70% or more cocoa. Have a bite on a daily basis and see the transformation for yourself. In addition to the skin benefits this is really good for your heart. 

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Avocados : This one aids the texture of your skin, and rewards you with super soft baby skin.The fatty acids present in the fruits are rewarding to the core.

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Tomatoes : We have indeed saved the best for the last, tomatoes are skin superfoods they aid in complexion, ph, tightening pores, and reducing acne.

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P.S: There are high chances that you will not be able to consume these foods on a daily basis, hence just a gentle reminder to have 6-8 glasses of water on a daily basis,because the above mentioned is essential and this one is an imperative. Also, steer clear of canned foods and alcohol and you are more than good to go.

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