5 Products a girl Must Have in Summers!

Vacation? Pool party? Campfire? Whatever your plans are this summer, we have you covered. Get your mind right with these “summer must-have products”  that will make all your summer-makeup dreams come true.

From sunscreens to makeup setting spray, we have everything you need for the best summer yet. So here are the five must-have products that will change your life in a better way!

Sunscreens: WARNING: NEVER EVER LEAVE YOUR HOUSE WITHOUT WEARING SPF!!!! No matter what the weather is, is it cloudy or sunny? Doesn’t matter as the sun’s rays damage your skin in some or the other way. We know how we all girls hate to wear heavy weight sunscreen on our face, but guess what we have a solution for this too!! Grab those moisturizer with SPF to make it easy.

Face wash: With hectic schedules, stress of work and exams , and a sometimes less than satisfactory diet, you might find your skin breaking out more. That is why it is important to be committed towards our skin with a regular skincare routine and most importantly to wash your face at least two times a day! Choose the one designed for your skin type and use it two times a day for a fresh and clean skin.

Dry Shampoo: Keeping the right volume and non-greasy hair everyday is a big task. As the saying goes, greasy hair makes a bad impression, but here we have a life-saver for adding the volume and throw out the grease when you don’t have time to wash your hair. The best way to add volume and refresh a blowout faster.

Perfume: A right scent will instantly make you feel (and smell!) amazing. REMEMBER: Less is more when it comes to fragrance, so stick to something light and just a spot or two will do.

Wet Wipes: Keeping your skin clean during the day is so important. Wet wipes are a great way to keep your skin hydrated while roaming around on a sunny day with giving just the right amount of coverage.

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