Aarabhi Veeraraghavan : Filled With Wonder

–She loves Dal Makhani and Paneer Butter Masala–

I would like to begin this one by a word of advice which is “If you do not follow her blog for fashion or pictures or any other stuff please follow this one for captions.” The more I worked on her blog the more I was curious about her captions, all her pictures have a different story and all of them pierced by skin and touched my heart, and I am still touched. Going through her blog can be compared with eating “Chaat Papdi” you just don’t know what the next byte might bring in. It’s like her captions paint a picture of their own.

We are talking about Aarabhi Veeraraghavan, who is a mom-wife-daughter-fashion and beauty blogger and most importantly she is the voice of handlooms. Her niche for blogging is handloom and handicrafts. However, that isn’t the only thing that makes her a special one it is about her style and her carefree demeanor that we are awed by the serenity and stunned by her poise. You will notice that her blog is filled with selfies, awkward smiles, posts with little to no makeup and a lot of repeated locations. This may sound like a list of “Don’ts” into the books of a blogger to be, However it is this simplicity that has won our hearts.

Her pictures tell us about all the things that she is passionate about and those captions spill their heart out.They are relatable and filled with intricacies of a relationship. It’s like fashion is her best friend, it brings out positivity in her, acts like an escapade, something she can flaunt out like a pro. She is a lot like us in a lot of aspects, and we love her for that


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