Aashna Shroff at Loreal Paris Fashion Week 

–A fairly remarkable girl at a remarkable place —

What started off as a hobby is now an inspiration, a simple business venture which is now a new business model. Story of a girl having never ending love for fashion, who is now making her country proud! Because we love this diva for who she is and getting the chance to experience the L’oreal Paris Fashion Week with her was nothing less than a delight! 

Our Favourite Moments from  Aashna Shroff’s Days in Paris : 

Slay Play 

Because Darling it’s Paris, and you gotta look your best. Her outfit was no less than a treat, she followed the trends (Yes we are talking about that fanny pack), and still adds her own style with just the right amount of confidence! 

Never Ending Love For Pink 

It really doesn’t matter what’s your age, what style do you prefer or where are you headed to, having a pink ensemble with you is basically an unsaid fashion rule that is religiously followed by all the girls. Aashna Shroff followed this unsaid rule and was seen out and about the streets of Paris in cute pink top.

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Who says throwbacks are only for Thursdays? Here's one from the vault and putting these two pictures side by side really puts into perspective how my content has evolved. When I first started off, being an influencer was a new concept but I’m so happy that now you have a show like @myntrafashionsuperstar that gives a platform to the talented new gen influencers like @thankgod_itsfashion by providing them with tools to experience our industry first hand. Watching the show has not only got me reminiscing but also appreciating the fact that there’s someone who shows the world what being an influencer entails. Episode 3 is out today and check the link in my bio to know more . #Myntrafashionsuperstar #MFSMentorClub #DoesntComeEasy #galleri5influenstar #ad

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Backstage Pampering

Because these are the moments when they say it is worth it. She got the chance to sit back and relax while these international experts did their magic on her pretty face. This was the classic example of this beauty living in her own world.

Empowering Spirit

Generally when 2 or more girls meet all people expect is drama-gossip-some fights and what not. However these bloggers were well aware of their responsibility of representing at such a big platform and were all exemplary, because all we got from her girl gang was some true love and a few fake candid’s.

Some Nostalgia 

L’oreal is a brand that most of millennials relate to and we are sure a lot of you are thinking the same. 

“Going back to our teenage years when we went to the nearest store with our mom and laid our hands on our first loreal lipstick and Mascara, for some it was for their farewell, or their birthday party and for me it was my cousin’s wedding.

Just like all of us, Aashna Shroff was also a Loreal shopper in her teenage years and it seems that she still can’t get enough! 


Twinning Diaries 

Because OMG- That Boho Girl and Aashna Shroff were all Hugs and Smiles in their matching outfits! — Nuff Said

Bringing Back Gifts & Memories  

There is absolutely no such thing as too much makeup, However one of the best things in life is Free Makeup, and Aashna Shroff looks all excited watching all her goodie bags.


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