Add Colors To Your Life and Your Makeup- Ashima Makhija

What I love most about makeup is that you cannot get attached to one thing, one idea or one approach-and once you’ve achieved perfection, you have to wipe it all off and start over the next day.

When you grown up, life becomes all about deciding to either go behind your passion or the paycheck.  Have you ever thought about actually converting your passion into your paycheck and get the best of both worlds?

Ashima Makhija is one such person who decided to quit her teaching job and actually get into something she loves-makeup. Ashima is a Delhi based makeup enthusiast who loves sharing her opinion on beauty, fashion and life. She is the voice and face behind ColorsnGlitters and has hooked on about a hundred and fifty thousand people on her Instagram.

During the initial days, she wrote about everything she liked, products she bought and other general things on her Instagram. Her popularity rose with time and people started trusting her with the amazing content she created. That is when Ashima decided to start her blog where she could give elaborated reviews and fully share her thoughts with her audience. Was there a looking back after? No! ColorsnGlitters is without any doubt the best thing happened to Ashima and added a lot of color and glitter to her life.

Ashima honestly has a very skilled hand when it comes to makeup.  Be it that sharp winged liner or a flawless base, she has mastered it all. Her blog is something you’ll enjoy if you like beauty and makeup.





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