All about Aesthetics and Happy Vibes: Mridul Sharma

Instagram Feed plays a very important role in the era of social media. Your feed indirectly or directly gives a glimpse of your life. It show the kind of outfits you go for, the scrumptious food you eat, places you travel to and the thoughts you are currently having.

While most of us are still struggling to find a perfect balance between the kind of content we want to post on our Instagram feed to make it look extremely pleasing to the eyes; there is a girl who has her Instagram game already on fire- Mridul Sharma. Mridul is a popular Youtuber and the founder of Simbaa Lifestyle based in Mumbai.  She makes videos on fashion, makeup, travel, food, lifestyle, decor and has around 189K subscribers on Youtube.


Apart from creating the most creative videos she is extremely skilled when it comes to everything aesthetic-be it her room, her office or her Instagram feed. Mridul’s Instagram feed is nothing but a complete delight to the eyes. There is a perfect balance of food, travel, beauty and outfit pictures. There is a lot of color which adds such happy vibes to the entire theme making everything look in proportion. It’s commendable how she takes to much effort in to co-ordinate all her outfits with backgrounds, find the most photographic streets, cute cafes an what not to shoot at. Of course, how can we not mention that editing? It acts like the cherry on top.

Here are a few idea’s to make your feed as beautiful and happy as her’s :

Cute Cafes

Graffiti Backgrounds

Travel For The ‘Gram

Add Props


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Could get used to this🍇

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Plan The Outfit In Advance



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