Being Handsome Never Goes Out Of Style: Vikram Soni

In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic gentleman. 

It’s not always decided what you’ll end up doing in life. Some things happen by chance while the others are meant to be a part of your life. Those are the things that actually give you a thrill from within and make you extremely happy. You know you are on a right track when you are content and satisfied with what your doing. One only excels in life if they are doing something they are very passionate about.

Say hello to Vikram Soni! Vikram is a Menswear, Travel, Luxury and Fitness content creator based in Mumbai. He is the voice and face of the blog The Vogue And Fit where he posts all that he is passionate about. This handsome hunk has got thousands of people hooked on to his Instagram feed, which, by the way, is absolutely drool worthy. His blog posts and pictures are really inspiring for a lot of men, he knows how to teach fashion in a very luxurious and classy way.

Vikram had never really planned on starting thevogueandfit. It was just his passion for fitness, a wanderlust soul and the thrill he got from grooming and styling that made him start his blog and Youtube. Was there any looking back after that? The answer is a big no!  His blog posts are very interesting and captivating. The guy knows how to put his thoughts into words and pictures very well; be it his take on fashion, fitness need or travel journey.

We have to admit, Vikram is a bundle of talent and versatility. Firstly, the sense of styling and dressing up is insanely great. A perfect mixture of classy and trendy. Secondly, it’s admirable to see how much efforts he puts in to stay fit and healthy. Then comes his wanderer soul! Vikram loves exploring the beautiful planet and we love his journeys.


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