CaughtinaCuff Caught at the Streets of Paris

— Because, Darling Its Paris —

Bloggers are known to live a life worth months in days, and well as much as we are awed by them we are a lot more curious, and when the best of the lot took off to Paris for the Loreal Paris Fashion Week were totally glued to our Instagrams because we just couldn’ afford to miss any of it. For a lot of us girls it was like a deja vu of waiting for the next episode of Sonpari. Well, only a glamourous version and we had the power to screenshot whatever we liked.  We are nothing but glad for content creators like Riya Jain who blogs at caughtinacuff for giving us the chance to be a part of this journey!

Our Best Loved Paris Moments With Riya Jain

Swaagat Nai Karoge App Humara

Isn’t that we all were taught about how to make it big- “To start with a Bang”. This Favourite Blogger of ours made sure that everyone knew that “She has Arrived”. If there was someone that already didn’t predicted that Team India would be a handful in Paris, her Luggage style was indication enough.

Because, I got my own Back 

There is nothing more sexier than a woman who exudes confidence and has her own back however, there is nothing more alluring than the women who can pull of such power on the streets of Paris. We are not sure if that outfit was planned with that pose in her mind was it just a beautiful coincidence!

That Main Day Look 

We just talked about the importance of starting with a bang and just in her next post, Riya makes us wonder that why shoudn’t we end with a bang to. This look that Riya adorned on. the main event is every bit perfection, a perfect blend of colours and needless to say a treat to the eyes.

Best of Both Worlds

We totally agree that Roaming around the street’s of Paris and witnessing all the fashion miracles is nothing less than a dream come true however, doing the same with your best friend is what a lot of people call (and for the lack of a english expression) “Sone Pe Suhaga”. It is a well known fact that Riya and Aashna Shroff are besties and watching them out and about on the streets of Paris is giving us some major “Best Friend Goals”

Never Ending Selfies 

Every girl loves selfies and they are an imperative part of all the vacations that she will take. However with those beautiful mirrors on the hotels of Paris is a totally different game and she is hands down winner!

Love Them Gifts 

Because, Makeup Gifts + Alone Time = Happy Girl

Me “my” Girls

As much as they need to soak in all the super fashionable moments when at Paris what they needed more than that was to have someone to discuss it all with. To pour the heart out about that surreal experience. To talk about some weird fashion sense of some random girl they spotted !

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