Creative Freedom is Paramount: Pallavi Ruhail


She started out as a doctor; particularly an epidemiologist. But no matter where she went, may it be her masters at Bits Pilani, or her corporate job in Hyderabad, people always saw and remembered her as ‘that Delhi girl’. They said that she always gave them a Delhi vibe. So that is what she became – she started a blog and named it ThatDelhiGirl – and stuck with it.

More commonly known as Pallavi Ruhail, ThatDelhi girl hails from New Delhi and resides in Florida. when asked if she is a nerd, having been a doctor previously, she first denies it and then admits to being a little bit of a nerd. She recalls when she first started writing the blog back in June 2013 and tells us that she remembers always being into fashion, and used to flip through her mother’s fashion magazines when she was a kid. Back in 2013, blogging wasn’t that big a deal in India and was still picking up. Pallavi took up blogging as a hobby, something to do on the weekends, as she already had a full-time job. Luckily, following her passion paid off when things started to take off and allowed her to quit her full-time job at Novartis and get completely involved in beauty/fashion blogging.

One less known fact about Pallavi is that she has an IQ of 141 – so it wouldn’t be wrong to declare her a genius, technically. She cites Chiara Ferragni and when talking about the pertinence of the beauty/fashion blogging profession, she says that it is important to her for brands to pitch her the idea/concept of the project. Pallavi likes to get involved with the project concept instead of being a blind participant in her project shoots. She says that if a brand reaches out to her with a pre-defined or limited concept with no space for her inputs, she’d probably end up rejecting to work with them. She cites the reason for the same as well – she believes that she knows best what her audience would react most favorably to – and that it is important for brands and companies to let bloggers have their creative freedom.

Besides collaborating with brands and associations, Pallavi also gives out freelance writing classes in her free time.

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