Deepica Mutyala : Embracing The Tribe

–Chasing Passion Like It is The Last Bus of The Night–

If were to nominate a face for inclusivity and versatility it would undoubtedly be Deepica Mutyala. Her story is not as simple as becoming an overnight star or being a women entrepreneur, or styling people like Meghan Markle and Jessica Alba.Its much more than that, It is a story where passion beats procrastination and refusal to settle creates wonders. It is a happily ever after that started with “Once Upon A Time”

Starting with her story because this timeline is surely going to amaze you all. Deepica has gone on record saying that her father used to hand her a stethoscope and instead of holding on to it she used to reach out for a lipstick. After 5 years of procrastination and debating about whether or not she should start her youtube channel, after a lot of “What-Ifs” about the future of her niche and many inner debates later she finally did it.

However it seems like success was waiting to knock on her door it was only after her 2nd Youtube video that she was a star, girls all over the world thanked her for breaking the barriers of mainstream beauty blogs. The Youtube tutorial where she concealed dark circles and marks with red lipstick managed to capture more than 10 Million views and was also picked up by Huffpost.The journey had begun, the girl who had once interned with L’oreal has recently featured with Marie Claire under the article “25 people who changed the beauty industry”

There are a lot of secrets to her success but the main ones would be her excellent videography skills, her impeccable planning super useful makeup tricks.In addition to that she has gone on record saying “She refused to accept the products that were only suited for fair and lovely”. Her niche was beauty inclusion and her mantra for success was awareness with solidarity. In addition to that she says that success comes with a price and consistency and hard work always pays off!