Digital Nomad and Travel Blogger: Shivya Nath

Shivya NathEver thought of leaving your home and living a nomad life, where you don’t have to think where to go next……? Today, I will share the story of a girl who did this in real life. Well amazed aren’t you? Come-on and get ready as I take you on a journey of an award-winning travel blogger, who is none other Shivya Nath, who passed on her corporate life because of her love for travel.

Shivya is a digital nomad, writer and a successful blogger. She comes from a protective Indian family in Dehradun. Being from the valley, she spent her childhood in the mounts. After finishing high school, Nath left the country and went to Singapore to study further with her big dreams. She graduated in 2009 when the world was perishing through the financial recession and most of the companies which she wanted to work for had ceased their hiring. She somehow landed a job with the Singapore Tourism Board’ where her experiments with social media began, and she started following the journey of various travel bloggers around the world. The cubicle life never fascinated Nath. 

She took a 2-month sabbatical from work, and she travelled around western Europe and the high Himalayas of India. Her trip made her realize the real meaning of life, and she left her 9-5 salaried job with the dream of travelling the world.

More about Shivya Nath-

shivya nathIn 2013, Shivya gave up her home and sold most of her possessions, and began living nomadically. Nath travelled around the world all this while gaining different cultural experiences from different countries. She embarked a travel blog named “A shooting star” where she shared her journey and her experiences. Her blog gained much fame and today, she has thousands of followers.

She is also an author of the bestseller named ‘The Shooting Star’ which is about her journey and how travelling has shaped her life decisions. Shivya is a solo traveller. In 2019, the blogger launched “The Shooting Star Collection”. It is sustainable travel-inspired clothing that also funds to spring up a forest in Uttarakhand.

She is a vegan and an environmentalist who is trying her best to save the environment. She supports sustainable travelling. Her travel blog is one of the most famous blogs in India, and her experiences are both blissful and beautiful.

Nath has been featured in the BBC, and she has also done ted talks. Her work has also been published in national and international travel journals.

The way she turned her cubicle life into a chick with wings is quite inspirational. She is giving travel goals to the youth out there. Her journey makes us realize that to lead a happy spirit, one needs to call for major life decisions which might not be easy initially, but would further help you in shaping what want to be in real life



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