Diksha Rawat knows how to nail the No Makeup-Makeup Look

Let’s be honest girls- we’ve seen the “no makeup” makeup look done a trillion times and not everyone understands the meaning. There are a thousand different ways of achieving this particular look and not every person knows how to nail it. We girls do feel like a chipmunk with puffy eyes, dehydrated skin and what not every once in while. And, let’s be honest not all of us are makeup guru’s who can create rainbow eye look and rock it like James Charles.


While most of us our struggling to not end up using a zillion products for the “no makeup” makeup; Diksha Rawat is nailing the same in almost every picture she posts. The girl has got some serious skills we must say!
Diksha is a fashion and beauty blogger, a Youtuber and a dog mommy. She comes up with really fun everyday-wearable fashion videos which can easily be carried. One thing you cannot miss in her videos, pictures, live sessions is her flawless-skin-like makeup.

A world without makeup would be less interesting, and it would definitely be less fun. And let’s be honest, as much as we wish to experiment with new products and play around with different colors not every can do it. A good old natural makeup is not going out of trend anytime soon and we couldn’t be happier. While every girl has a few staple products she cannot do without; here are a few things to learn from Diksha Rawat to get your no makeup-makeup game on point just like hers.

Prep Your Skin

The game changer for any makeup is the skin prep you’ve done before actually applying any base. It is important to apply a nice moisturizer for a healthy glow from within and topping it up with a Sun block.

Deduct those layers

You don’t have to put a thousand layers of makeup and then expect it to look natural. Go for either a concealer or a foundation to cover the problem areas a little. Let those scars peep through; you’ll still look beautiful.
Apply a bronzer instead of a heavy contour, a pop of peach on the cheeks and nose, a little highlighter goes a long way; you don’t want it be blinding, for a nice sun kissed glow. Also, use your bronzer as an eyeshadow for a little depth. A nice nude lip is the final step.

The Focus Point

Fill in those brows because brows before bros, hah. By that I do not mean drawing harsh lines. Fill them naturally to make them look on point.
While everything else is extremely neutral and skin like; Use a good lengthening and voluminous mascara to make your lashes be the center of attraction.

Blending is the Key

Blend!Blend!Blend! The key to make everything look seamless and natural is blending.

Here are Diksha’s few pictures for reference:


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