Do’s and Dont’s in summer season

The pleasant summer evenings, the bright sun saying hello from the sky with bright sunshine. Back to beautiful spring dresses and flip flops and no layers of clothes on the body. Could anything be more tempting and blissful than this?

Undoubtedly summer season have its own beauty and charm. But along with it, it also bring multiple skin and health problems. Tan lines, Dehydration, heat strokes, skin allergies, food poisoning etc. are few examples of it.

It’s very important to know about the Do’s and Dont’s in summer season and bring them in practice to stay healthy and avoid these problems to enjoy this season without any worries.


1. Eat Fresh Food

In summer season be a little choosy about your food as it brings the risk of food poisoning and other food borne diseases with it. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables like, watermelon, musk-melon, cucumber, tomato etc. They have many antibiotic qualities which keeps you away from diseases. They are also rich in water, so it will automatically increase the intake of water in your body and keep it hydrated.

2.  Avoid Eating Street Food

Yes, street food items are so yum and it is so hard for us to control ourselves from not eating it but avoid eating eat street food is good for our health. Specially in summers. Because our digestion gets a little weak in summers. As there’s no proper hygiene and the oil used in cooking the food is also not of very good quality. There are flies buzzing around the stalls which even sits on food items. It causes food poisoning and multiple other kind of diseases.

3. Drink Enough Amount of Water

The key to stay fit and healthy in summer is to drink enough amount of water. According to doctors, we should drink around 5-6 litres of water in a day in summers. Whereever you go, make sure you always carry your water bottle with you. Drinking ample amount of water and keeping your body is hydrated is very important in summers to avoid diseases. Don’t drink unhygienic water.

4. Wear Sunscreen

Wear Sunscreen every time you go out and even at home to save yourself from that ugly tan and harmful UV rays of sun. Apply sunscreen on all the exposed areas of your body and not just your face if you don’t want zebra print on your body.

5.Choose Clothes Wisely

Always go for clothes made from cotton fabric in summers as it absorbs all the sweat, gives you cooling effect and don’t stick to your body. Avoid choosing dark colours like black, brown because they absorb more heat and makes you sweaty. Also for some time, say good bye to satin, leather, polyester and other fabrics that may cause discomfort.


1. Say No to Fast Food and Sugary           Sodas

Avoid eating fast food as much as possible and opt for juicy fruits, vegetables and salads. When you are outside in sweltering heat, instead of grabbing that bottle of Coke, go for water instead. Sugary sodas only increase your craving to drink more. On the other hand, water satiates your thirst.

2. Don’t Eat Leftover Food

Food poisoning in summers is quite common. This happens because of eating stale food. During summer season, food tends to get spoil way before it does in winter. So don’t eat food which is too old. Also always keep the rest of your food which you want to eat later in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

3. Don’t Drink Unhygienic Water

Whenever you are outside, don’t drink water from the road side vendors as they are highly contemplated. Also don’t buy plastic water bottles without seal which street vendors sell. Always carry your own water bottle. Why to drink unhygienic water from outside when you can carry your own and drink hygienic water.

4. Avoid Going Outside in Noon

Until and unless it is not very important, avoid going outside in noon time. If you stay in the sun for too long, u may get sick. Always carry umbrella whenever you are stepping out in heat. Cover your face and hair with scarf to save them from the harmful rays of sun.

5. Avoid Over Consumption of Alcohol

A cool cocktail on a hot sunny day does sound like a great idea but we must tell you that alcohol dehydrates your body, so you should keep a check on how many cosmopolitans and margaritas you are gulping. Alcohol dehydrates you, so you should better limit your alcohol intake.

Follow all these easy steps and make them a part of your daily routine to stay healthy and enjoy this summer season.

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