Dreaming Big and Aiming High: Lovina Nayak

Not everyone has the power or motivation to start something new. This happens because we often live in a fear of what society will think of us, will they accept us or make fun. This is exactly how creativity dies and a thousand dreams are killed; just because we are so scared of what people will say.

“So many of our dreams first feel impossible, them they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”

Welcome back our readers! We are back with another inspiring article on a  blogger who decided to try something new and motivated many young girls- Lovina Nayak. Lovina is a Fashion Blogger based in Odisha. To be more precise she is the one who actually introduced blogging in Odisha and later on others got inspired from her and got into the same line. Her Instagram is full of creative content which is loved by around 123k people.

It all started with using Instagram as a medium to edit pictures and apply those pretty filters. Looking at her sense of fashion, Lovina’s friends encouraged her to get into fashion blogging and inspire people around her. Since she was the first one to do this around that area, it didn’t take her long to get recognized. She started getting approached by several small brands for collaboration and she created some great content for them. But, life never goes on how we’ve planned it! Lovina, unfortunately, had to quit blogging because she got tied up in a multinational company. Was she happy about it?No. That was the changing moment in Lovina’s journey as a fashion blogger. She decided to dedicate herself in all ways just to her passion for blogging. The process of standing hours in the sun, changing several outfits, being creative with editing, the deadlines to upload on time is what she craved for and she was ready to do anything for that. With that one big step of leaving a job; came several opportunities. Lovina has collaborated with well known brands like Biba, Lifestyle, Sugar, Bio Derma, Ajio, Max to name a few.

What is important to learn here is that Lovina actually found her biggest strength in being dusky. Learn to love yourself and that is actually when the society will accept you. Never be scared of the judgement and remarks the people will pass. Be you and be proud of who you are. Way to go girl!




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