Dry Skin Hacks

The most demanding person in my life is my own skin, no matter what I do or how much time I give, she is never fully satisfied! The disapproval always ready in the form of  dry flakes, and patchy complexion! Also, dry skin is known for is super moody behaviour at times of outings, They would never let you blend your foundation in peace. However, there is absolutely no way to leave this one as it may, and having to take care of this one must be your top priority! 

Team Creatorshala presents you with these 5 easy hacks for Dry Skin! 

“Love the Skin you are in”

Avoid Hot Water: Hot water when poured directly on face, rips away all the moisture and the result is flaky, dry and dull skin. Using hot water on face, immediately results in patchiness and dull skin. It is always advised to use normal to cold water on all skin types because hydration comes first! 

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Hydrate like a Pro: Fall in love with fluids and see the magic for yourself. Our top picks would be to have loads of water and coconut water. Have coconut water on a daily basis for 3 months and we bet that you will fall in love with your before and after pictures. This one also guarantees to keep acne at bay.

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Keep Rose Water at Hands: This one should be your must buy for the whole year. Also keep this little pink bottle at your disposal at all times. Be sure to use it every 2 hours throughout the day. Also replace your toner with rose water because toners available in the market have been known to rip the moisture off skin.

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Adding Oil : Adding healthy fats to your diet, is the only long term solution to this skin situation. Because as we all know glowing skin always comes from within. Secondly adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil to your moisturiser. May save you from flakes and patches.

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Little Switches: Replace face washes with cleansers, and swap all powder based cosmetics to cream based cosmetics. These are basic essentials according to skin types. 

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Because, Beautiful skin begins with exceptional care

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