Facts you need to know about Meghna Kaur aka SheTroubleMaker

Don’t we all wish to peep inside the lives of our favorite content creators and know what they are actually up to or to know whether they actually the same person behind the camera and those breathtaking pictures?

Hello there, Creatorshala’s Readers, we are spilling secrets about the extremely charming Meghna Kaur aka SheTroubleMaker. This beautiful young woman is very famous and successful Youtuber, Apart from this she also has a following of around 720K on Instagram, woah girl!

Here are a few engrossing facts about this beauty:-

  • There is no actual story behind her fascinating username “SheTroubleMaker” . She just thought of herself as a cool kid and came up with this super cool username.
  • She is 5’4 and very petite. She fits into XS size or even less.
  • Meghna loves playing badminton; which she plays from her right hand though she is a left handed.
  • She has ketchup and banana chips with everything she eats. Yum! Due to her great metabolism she doesn’t gain weight.
  • Meghna has an unusual space for tattoos; which brings us to our next fact. She has 7 tattoos on her body.
  • This Youtuber sensation has 2 sisters and she is extremely close to her father.
  • Justin Bieber follows Meghna on Twitter and that was the happiest day of her life.
  • She cannot swim though she loves uploading bikini pictures. And, she cannot drive.
  • Though she doesn’t have a favorite color; she hates the person who invented neon colors.
  • Your SheTroubleMaker loves some alone time watching something on netlix or filling in her diary,
  • Meghna has collaborated with Ahaan Pandey on a Youtube video called 7 second Challenge.
  • She is a really happy-go-lucky person in real life just how her Instagram feed is.
  • Meghna is also a die hard bollywood fan which makes her very cheesy and filmy.

We hope you enjoyed reading these facts about your favorite Youtuber. Let us know if you have any blog requests.

Until next time.

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