Fashion Fundas We Swear By:

Fashion is Huge, Fashion is grand,It is Subtle and Loud, it is a language spoken worldwide and expressed across boundaries. 

In short, Fashion Rules, Hence Team Creatorshala brings you the best of Fashion Rules, we swear by! 


Buy Less Choose Well: We all know that it is a temptation to buy all those discounted items and wear something new daily, However following this temptation is going to lead you to an overflowing wardrobe and yet nothing to wear.Investing in good pieces, that are recognised by one and all is a better idea than buying everything that you see! 

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Our best picks would be to go for a nice denim boot cut jeans, High waisted jeggings, , a classy belt and some solid pastel blouses. 

Dress like you are going to see your worst enemy: Not putting required effort or time into putting together outfit, will only result in regrets later on. Either you will be looked upon by other people, will not look as good as others in pictures, you may run into your crush, and worst you may face to face that you girl you so hated in your high-school.

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Fall in love with yourself:Because the person that matters the most, is the one who you look into the mirror everyday.If you will not give yourself the love and attention you deserve there is no point in dressing yourself for the outer world

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Being Noticed < Being Remembered:Well, Coco Channel herself said that dress impeccably and they remember the women, and well there is a different type of contentment that sweeps in when people screenshot your Instagram pictures, and use them as inspiration.

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Importance of Black: Black is universal, and something you can never go wrong with, The point is to invest in black clothing items as well as accessories to complete your wardrobe.

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Our top picks would be: black shimmer blouse, black saree and of course heels and belts.

Good Shoes take you Good Places: Because, not wearing good shoes is a sign of not loving yourself enough, and well heels are the perfect combination of pleasure with pain.

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Dressing well is a form of good manners:Let’s put it this way, if you are underdressed according to the place, or occasion or the crowd. There are only two inferences, first is that you are not taking the place seriously, and second you do not take yourself seriously and well both are equally bad for your impression. 

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It’s all about combinations: A simple accessory like a belt or scarf can change the entire aura of the outfit, and makes you look prepped for the occasion.

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Dress must follow the body of the women:Wearing something that suits you is better than wearing the latest fashion or what all your friends are wearing.Because only a real lady has the power to change the fashion according to her own style.

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Fall is never Complete without Boots : Once you own a fantastic pair of boots and start wearing them out and about, you will fall in love them so irrevocably that all your outfits will be designed around them,

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Comment below and let us know, your personal favourite fashion fundas!

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