Fashion Inspiration from Sara Ali Khan

She is the talk of B- town she is the one who has turned the tables and whatnot. She has inspired us to go beyond the basics and most of all she is a breath of fresh air.

Team Creatorshala presents Why Sara Ali Khan is the ultimate Diva 

Breaking The Barriers: When all were running towards western designer labels, tight fit dresses and cakey makeup. She came in and wow, we were stunned as hell dressed in loosely fitted comfy cotton kurtas, wearing light summer colours with bare lips and absolutely no makeup. We still remember her going out and about with just a hint of kohl and super light lipstick!

Subtle Ethnic: We solemnly thank Sara for not only changing the rules but breaking them once it for all. She replaced the jeggings and skinny fit jeans with her cotton palazzos. She wore ethnic with such ease that everything else was absolutely insignificant. There was no need to pair them out with bindis or oversized jhumkas and whatnot.

Easy Breezy: Gone are the days to hold your breath to fit in the garments, its time to make way for this subtle lady with a loud mind and super cute smile. The way she carries herself is exemplary.

Accessories on Point: Are you not in love with those little bindis and funky bangles, and those to die for jutis. Every time I see Sara wearing a Lil something with her suits I immediately wanna ask her, “Please Bata do ye wala Kaha se Liya ”

Comfort Baby: Because she told us that the place to be is one’s own skin, a lot of b-town girls talk about how important comfort is to them, however, she has been the number one person to show it and how!

Always with a smile, isn’t this the one thing that we absolutely adore about her, everything about this one has a positive vibe, a vibe which radiates love, affection and loads of fun. Nothing about her demeanour gives away that she belongs to the nawabi family of Bollywood or that


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