Freelance Artist to Webcomic Maven: Christine Rai

Bustle Rule Breaker Christine Rai can draw inspiration from anywhere, especially cuss words. Rai disliked the lack of creativity in her adulthood while working in a renewable energy company. She wasted no more time in building an artsy career.

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At first, she simply posted on Instagram some doodles of curse words. They were inspired by her grandmother’s favorite Caribbean swears. When her Instagram account boomed, her coloring book, Bad Words from around the World, came to be as well because she decided to make a physical product with the help of Kickstarter.  To this day, Christine Rai is impressively serving her fans and followers with comics on her social media handles.

As a woman of color in the comic world, she loves taking risks. From a monotonous career in a mainstream company, she transitioned to a full-time freelance artist in 2017 who is passionate about coloring and swearing. She successfully transformed all her anxiety into a hyper-tense caricature of herself. This personification is Krysteen, the focal character of her webcomic series, Yeah It’s Chill. She has a following of over 137k on Instagram and her work has been recognized by some of the major names in the industry.

Her webcomics are short and relatable and cover all kinds of topics such as anxiety, race and gender, women’s health, agony, her love for bagels, her indecision and annoyance when it comes to trying out outfits and her creativity in general. Her projects and her work have been featured by Huffpost, Forbes, Buzzfeed, Refinery29, SHAPE, Observer, Bustle, Giphy, Girl’s Night In, Cosmopolitan’s Snapchat channel, and on social media handles of Tracee Ellis Ross and Mindy Kaling. She never fails to add the achievement of being called funny and talented by Mindy Kaling!

Her coloring book called Bad Words from around the World became one of the bestselling coloring books on Amazon. It was featured by Buzzfeed including their book-centric newsletter, The Daily Dot as well as by Bustle. She also has a reoccurring comic with both Cup of Jo and Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club. She has also worked with renowned brands like Samsung, Kenyon College, Not Your Mother’s Hair care, MAKERS conference, eBay, Skill share and Zero Waste Daniel x Google.

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