From Chartered Accountancy to Blogging: Bhumika Thakkar

Beauty and lifestyle blogger, Bhumika Thakkar, is a chartered accountant by education but she always adds her personal life update to everything she creates and that makes her relatable. She was only into beauty initially but slowly she forayed into fashion, lifestyle and her personal life updates, such as her bridal series during her marriage. Her blog is her real passion and she was featured on India’s first web based reality show called ‘Beauty and Blogger’. Even on renowned outlets such as Elle, she has had stories written about her.

She is not consistent with her blog as she has been with her Instagram handle ( and her YouTube channel. She serves her global audience’s demands actively on social channels, irrespective of not able to blog daily. Bhumika’s mantra of relevant and relatable content creation is sharing pretty much everything about her life with her audience. She has an enormous following of 137k on her Instagram handle, and an ever-increasing loyal fan-base that loves her inputs on makeup, brownies, shoes and vacations.

She stumbled upon blogs in general and beauty blogs in particular in 2010, when she was preparing for her CA finals. She didn’t know much about make-up back then and reading blogs definitely piqued her curiosity. She submitted a write-up to this one beauty blog which hired writers and paid them per post. She was pretty tempted to go for that temporary assured money back then but her boyfriend-now-husband pushed her to think long-term and start her own blog. She has been honest, consistent, passionate and considerate about it since then.

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Even with her busy schedule, phases, ups and downs, she truly loves what she does and has never taken long breaks like many bloggers all through her ten years. Her weirdest brand request ever was about plogging. She had to record herself while jogging and picking up litter from the road. She didn’t take it up because plogging might be good as a concept but probably not as a brand campaign!

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