From pieces in DU Spoon to her own foodiesince96: Mehak Dhawan

“Hard work and consistency can bring you wonders” 

Food is one entity, anyone can love without any condition. A plate full of yummy food is enough to give satisfaction and peace to your heart. Here, Creatorshala recognizes the efforts of some amazing food bloggers in the trafficked world who never fails to satisfy the one’s eyes by putting scrumptious and innovative food on their feed. One such food blogger is Mehak Dhawan.

Mehak is one of the young souls who picked blogging as a leisure activity in the initial stage. Although, in the initial stage only, she got this realization that she has got something big to do. She says, “Hard work and consistency are the keys to achieve anything”. 

What made her start her blog?

Mehak always remained one of the renowned faces in her college as she was always enthusiastic about new things. She was a part of 7-8 societies in her college and used to work with Spoon DU. It was perhaps the Spoon DU i.e. online food publication that made her develop a niche in food. In 2016, she finally started her own blog, foodieshince96. 

The success story of foodiesince96

Creativity, consistency and hard work along with smartness can lead anyone to heights. The success of Foodiesince96 can be a perfect example that fits this statement. Mehak is a religiously consistent player in the food industry. Her blog is perhaps the most updated profile on Instagram with at least 2 to 3 posts each day. At present, she has 228k followers that are perhaps, a result of her hard work. 

If you love food, you are definitely going to love Mehak. What she posts and the way she posts shows her love for food and is enough to make you grub-gasmatic. Perfect pictures, best food with super amazing captions by Mehak makes Foodiesince96 complete and just amazing.


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