Glamour gurl- Nitibha Kaul

Roots from Kashmir and a Delhi heart, sums up most of Nitibha. She will take your breath away with her so glam pictures all in her instagram account with more than 700K followers. she also holds a youtube channel to get connected to her viewers even more closely.

She was always interested in singing , swimming and modeling. In her early days she participated in a lot of pageantry contests and was also a part of Femina miss India. Her family has always been very supportive of her decisions and she has done them proud a lot of times now. They moved from Kashmir to Delhi for her higher education and so that she gets a decent job there. She worked in google for 2 years as an account strategist under Google Marketing Solutions.

Her roles at Google India involved customer relationship management, digital advertising and overseeing different aspects of customer services. She left Google in October 2016 to take part in Bigg Boss 10. Nitibha belongs to a very high class family and she also maintained that status in the popular reality tv show Bigg Boss. she was one of the strongest contestants in that house and there was also a lot of controversies over her eviction on social media. as she a passion for singing , she recently posted a video of her singing Attention by Charlie Puth on her youtube channel.

she has also posted other videos helping her fans and followers on a particular subject such as how to ignore marriage talks or how to get into google . She just knows all of us so well, am I right girls!! Her instagram inspires us to live life to the fullest and to make everyday productive in a certain way.

Written by- Simran Babbar

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