How to Rock Neon Shades like a Chique !

Because girls were never meant to be subtle!

The girls who are remembered for their spirit and style are the ones that say Only me when the world is saying Me too! Weather you are going to a party or headed for a vacation, relaxing with some friends or meeting people from work , keeping up your style game is a must! And, just as they say that women and fashion never age, they are just two paths running parallely till eternity!

Thus, here we stand talking about this new trend to bring out the loud girl inside that classy little lady!

Neons? Rock’ em all!  

Yes, we know about your undying love for black and Yes (again) we guarantee that you can never go wrong with get up !

Pairing a neon clothing item with an all black out!

Bonus tip: You can pair your neon item with a neon coloured lip shade or heels, and let them know that the ensemble was creatively planned.

N FOR “Neutrals”

Because subtle hues are always in, but a little pairing never hurt anybody! This could come out as a perfect look for your next corporate party. And yes we are cheering up for you to make the statement “That you are smart enough to know that there are No LIMITS ”

Chilly Winds and Bold Statements

The girl who is ought to blow your mind, is the one strong coffee, a hot wardrobe and cold vibes! For those girls who feel, that it is difficult to make a sexy statement in chilly winters, well Neon to the rescue! Pairing up your jackets with neon scarves and matching heels is sure to make heads turn.

Extra Gyaan: Pairing up a red hot neon dress, with high heeled black boots is surely  going to take dress-up drama to the next level.

Neon Blouses

An average girls wardrobe is sure to have more than 40% blouses suitable for every occasion, ranging from casual college day to birthday party to apocalypse! Coming to the point we think its best to keep your neons for vacations and day-outs. Pairing them with white pants or black leather leggings and you are super ready for your selfies !

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