How your lipstick shade defines you

What’s a dress and a face without a compatible lip shade? It’s like an unbaked cake. Lip shades defines you, lipsticks holds your beauty, lipstick embrace you, lipstick make you shine out. One can never avoid lipstick when dressed up beautifully.

You select lip shades according to your outfits. After all, its your own personal sense of styling. But do you know what your lipstick defines you, your personality and your personal dressing sense.

Today we are going to discuss that what exactly does your lip shades say about you.

1. Brown Shades – These shades are traditional colors which shows that you are orderly individual. Wearing this shade shows that you are warm, comfortable, genuine, natural and dependable. You are not overly outgoing and don’t get ruffled too easily. You generally look to find what’s good in everything.

2. Orange/Peach shades – Deeper orange shades defines the sun, fire, warmth and an invidual who is just plain fun. The color orange is said to increase oxygen supply to your brain and to stimulate mental activity. It defines that you are cheerful and genuine.

3. Pink Shade – Pink lip shade is a universal color, which defines that you are young and healthy. This shade defines that you are colorful and beautiful, you also find positiveness in all the things around you. They project tenderness, self-worth and acceptance, yet little innocence.

4. Purple Shade – The darker the shade, the more regal the personality. Purple lip shade defines that you are bold, powerful, luxury, magic and also a lady with a little mystery. These colors are feminine and romantic, strong and confident.

5. Red Lipstick – This absolutely needs no descriptions, as the world knows that red lipstick means hot and sexy or passionate. Wearing red lipstick defines you as a confident and outspoken.

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