Inside the life of Miss Versatile: Deepshikha Meena

Managing two professions together is not a cake walk. Specially if it involves being a medical student, Youtuber and a blogger!

Welcome back Creatorshala’s Readers, today we are in conversation with the jack of all trades: Deepshikha Meena. This versatile, beautiful woman is not only an amazing medical student but also a rising influencer. She makes it a point to treat both her profession and her passion equally. Let’s see how she keeps a balance between the two.

Tell us about your content creating journey. 

I started my journey with Youtube about 1 year back and blogging came after that. I am a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer. I was at a very difficult stage of my life when I took Youtube as a career; it took me out of depression.

How difficult is it to be a medical student and a blogger? How do you manage to get the best of both worlds?

Yeah, managing both the fields is burdensome beyond imagination. Sometimes it takes all the strength I have to not give up but, if we decide to do something and stick to it then anything or everything is possible in this whole wide world. Doctorate is my profession and blogging is my passion. I just focus to work hard for both of them.

Who are the content creators you can relate to?

Oh, @taramilktea is my absolute favourite; her content is like magic. Komal Pandey comes next because she is so versatile and her profile is full of positive vibes. Also, Sssniperwold; I started my Youtube being inspire from her.

How important is fashion to you? Tell us something about your style.

Fashion holds a big position in my life because it makes me more expressive, different and confident about myself. I like playing with basics and adding red on my lips. Super easy!

What are the difficulties you’ve faced in blogging with the competition increasing everyday?

Competition is everywhere. It is difficult for me when I see everyone working with the up to date cameras, photographers. Also, its tough being chubby in this industry when every content creator is so fit and full of ideas. Of course, it is difficult staying positive but focusing on others is not the solution. Work on yourself.

Enlighten us on your future plans. Any message for your audience ?

I love creating content and I’ll continue doing that. I’ll try covering more topics related to beauty and styling. I also want to share a recipe of some amazing medical facts plus beauty; I think it will be unique.
I love every single viewer, and so thankful for their love and support. Thank you for believing in me, there is lots of content coming your way.
Keep healthy and be you.

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