It’s All About That Glow From Within For These Beauty Guru’s

We go to the gym to keep our body in the best shape possible. What do we do for our skin? Skincare should be an integral part of everyone’s routine. Our skin goes through a lot daily; pollution, climate change, sun rays, makeup, exposure to germs and god knows what all. After going through all this; pampering is a must for that glowing and flawless skin.

Healthy skin is crucial for providing the right canvas for applying makeup, to enhance natural beauty and create natural healthy looking skin.

It’s not just about applying makeup and shooting; our Beauty Guru’s take in a lot of effort to take good care of their skin. They love a good skin care routine, pampering their hair, eating nutritious food and living a healthy life which eventually leads to fresh and youthful skin. Little pointers by these bloggers come in really handy for their followers since these tips can be extremely beneficial.

Juhi Godambe

What is important to learn here is you cannot just apply night creams and serums to heal your skin. Juhi likes to take care of skin from within by consuming a lot water, green vegetables, chicken, fresh juices and everything which full of nutrition. These ingredients help to heal skin and make to glowing and so fresh.


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Malvika Sitlani

Malvika is all about that glow life- from outside and inside. The reason why her makeup turns out to be so flawless is because of the amount of skin prep that she does. This diva makes sure to cleanse her skin, shave her face, moisturize well for a smooth application of makeup.

Srishti S Bhatia

You’ll find a ton of tips and tricks related to skincare on Srishti’s Youtube and Instagram. She focuses on using products which suit and go well with her skin type which we often forget. Dry skin types should use hydrating face washes and a thick moisturizer where as the oily skin type should do the exact opposite.


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