It’s not been the best of both worlds for Aditi Shrestha

Life is not always about sunhine and the spring. It has to rain before the sun starts shining and the flowers start to bloom. It’s hard being positive in life when life keeps throwing lemons your way but you eventually learn to enjoy those lemons with your tequila shots.

Hello our wonderful readers, we are here with a very inspiring story of Aditi Shrestha aka ThatQuirkyMiss. Aditi started her Youtube journey 3 years back by the name of That Quirky miss and damn she does full justice to her user name. Her videos are quirky, bubbly and full of life just like the content creator herself. Aditi is known for her realistic approach in life and sharing her personal life with utmost honesty with her viewers and followers on her social media platforms.

In this 3 year long journey she has successfully worked with over 100 brands on both Youtube and Instagram. She has managed to become a household name for her DIY videos, budget friend hauls, street food vlogs. Aditi makes sure to interact with her audience in both Hindi and English giving a homely and comfortable vibe which makes it easier for her viewers to relate with her.

However, life has not been a cake walk for this quirky content creator. She works hard even on days when one won’t feel like getting out of bed let alone working. She manages to smile in front of the camera making her audience happy even she really isn’t. Aditi has dealt with not one but many problems in her life; financial issues, weight issues, family issues and what not. In spite all that, the girl boss that she is, manages to pay her bills, rent, build her dream studio and support her family financially without doing to many sponsored posts and being honest with her followers.

Aditi is a perfect example of hard work is the key to success and if you can dream it you can do it. Life is not easy for any of us.But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained. Her positive approach towards life is a motivation to so many people out there. You go girl!

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