Keeping It Chique and Comfy- Nagma Mirajkar

You can have everything in life if you dress for it.

Dressing up begins at the age of 5 and never really ends. Don’t you agree girls? As we grow up our dressing style changes. From those frilly frocks to pencil skirts, from dungarees to ripped denim. We all try to evolve with time and so does our sense of styling. Fashion might change and come back but style is eternal.

Today’s article might want you to robe this fashionistas closet. Her style screams fashion and we cannot stop loving her for the same- Nagma Mirajkar. Nagma is a TikTok sensation based in Mumbai. She has a huge fan following on both TikTok as well as Instagram and she is know for her lip syncs, dancing skills and the tasteful fashion sense that she has.

When it comes to dressing up; she keeps her outfits really fun involving a lot of colors, wearable and trendy. These are outfits you can carry on an everyday basis without any hesitation, feel comfortable and still look so damn chique. If you are someone who likes to keep things comfy and quirky you’d definitely like to take notes on how Nagma manages to slay and go shopping the next minute.

All About Pastels

Too Quirky And Fun


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Leggo 🏁 Styled by @dhartigulati

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Co-ords For The Win


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Paris C’est 🖤

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The Stripy Girl Boss


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