Let Saanya Khatter Teach You How To Pose!

We live in a world where people judge you by your Instagram pictures, not saying we are complaining. But, there is no harm to give them something worth staring. There are people who are natural in front of the camera and then people who’ll like a single picture after clicking 100; let’s be honest, most of us belong to the second category. Social media demands more personal and creative touch now a days. No issue in posting a picture of Taj Mahal, but I’m sure your followers would like you doing a hair flip in front of the monument way more.

Now let’s talk about a diva who manages to slay each and every picture- Saanya Khatter. Saanya is a social media star, she gained immense popularity after meeting her favorite actor Akshay Kumar and the pictures went viral. Saanya has it in her naturally when getting clicked. The poses, the attitude, the elegance comes so effortlessly to her. Almost like this is what she is meant for.

With a super adorable face, amazing sense of styling, effortless posing she has got 369K people hooked on to her Instagram. I mean, come on, how can you not fall for that admirable face? If you are not as good as her when it comes to getting a perfect Insta-worthy picture, learn from her! What plays a big role is that confidence, no matter what, you’ll look bomb. Are you ready girls? Because these poses are going to take your Instagram game a level up.

Oh That Hair Flip 

It’s all about the correct posture


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Wearing @dollskill

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Candid Never Goes Out Of Style

Hello, Food!


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Just when you thought the food posts were done.. NEVERR 😈 Ate my way through Bali, one cafe at a time! 🤤 @theloftbali

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The Long Legs Pose



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