Let’s Shoot Wildlife: Sudhir Shivaram

“Life is not about what you couldn’t do so far, it’s about WHAT YOU STILL CAN”

Sudhir Shivaram, a wildlife photographer is someone who generously satisfies this statement. This Engineer cum wildlife photographer has a different kind of charisma in him. He started his career with Hewlett-Packard as an engineer and later turned into an APC. One thing that always stayed with him is his passion for photography. Innovation and creativity together can do wonders. In 2012, Sudhir was awarded the Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photographer of the year award. 

Photography is all about perspective

“Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” – Elliott Erwitt.

Sudhir is one such photographer who has a different kind of personalized perspective in every picture. for him, two things that he looks for while photographing are the behavioral aspect of the creature and the second can be the environment or habitat, he/she is in. Sudhir puts in, his own creativity and style in every frame.

Sudhir is one of those personalities who perhaps believe in the very famous Hindi quote – “Gyan Baatne Se Badhta Hai” aka Knowledge increases through sharing. He generously gives tutorials on YouTube and has 221k subscribers on Youtube. This figure ultimately reflects the kind of trust people have in his skills and technique.

His tutorials are a complete guide for anyone to learn and love photography as an art, a technique, and an emotion. 


Shivaram is a verified Instagram blogger who possesses unconditional love for capturing wildlife, especially birds. Sudhir inspires and promotes aspiring photographers who are using social media tools to exhibit their work. These platforms create a win-win situation for both, the creator and curator. Shoutout to this photographer as he is one of the brand ambassadors for Canon India and is part of the Canon Professional Photographers Panel.

Creatorshala finds pleasure in recognizing and appreciating Sudhir Shivaram’s art of Photography. 

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