List of Best Doctors for a Healthy You!

We never do cardio unless its running from Mondays, we never eat vegetables unless they are served as a side dish, we are distant towards nature and closer to our phones and yet we wonder why is it that we are not healthy enough? The most essential thing, which is taking care of your body and mind is probably the last thing on our list and yet we wonder why we are not healthy enough?

The answer to the above dilemma is because we are not able to differentiate between illness and wellness!

Water : We all know the importance of water, and yet somehow we manage to ignore it. Most essential of all. This magic drink is the most vital intake for your vitals! Not only it is essential for your organs, it is also an imperative for your mind to function properly. And we can solemnly say that if there was a court for self love and self care not drinking enough water would lead you to death penalty! Also if you were to listen to us this magic drink is not only a consumable, it is something to learn from, be as water shapeless and adjusting, most importantly make your own roads and cross all boundaries.

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Sleep: Penalty of not sleeping enough, is not at all limited to puffy eyes and dark circles! Not taking enough sleep is sure to have an erratic effect on your body. For some reason we are sure that you will ignore this point and will scroll up and down your Instagram timeline till 2 in the morning. Also most probably the next morning you will be so dead to notice that your mood and productivity has been reduced to half! However if you are actually willing to learn the importance of sleep all you need to do is to observe a lil baby for a day and a half. Notice how erratic he gets when they don’t get to sleep or how happy and energetic they feel after they have completed their rest Need we say more? 

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Exercise: Because you will never get the ass you want, by merely sitting on it. This one teaches you about the responsibility you have towards your own body and the commitment it requires to bring out some results. Also once you taste success and fall in love with your reflection in the mirror. There is no looking back! 

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Laughing: Laughing your heart out is having an instant vacation. As soon as you laugh, your body releases hormones like oxytocin and bamb your whole nervous system relaxes. In addition to this all our muscles experience relaxation when we laugh and also improves scenario of people living with us. Thus promoting positive mindset.

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Positivity : Whatever goes in our minds is something which can be controlled by us and only us.However because of 21st century lifestyle it is our thoughts, mind and in worst cases anxiety tend to control the person in you. This is the exact moment where we tend to lose ourselves.We are not talking about a life altering mindset, all we want to say is that it is the little things that matter and nothing big about stressing over.

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True Friends This one is a bonus point, because friends are those who always make our lives a little better! 

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