Makeup is Fun

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” 
― Yves Saint-Laurent

When women wear makeup they not only look their best versions but they also carry confidence with them. They feel like themselves even more. They think it’s a lot of fun and like to play with makeup. Many people think that women are insecure and that is why they put makeup but makeup is about highlighting your best qualities, not hiding your worst. It’s great to conceal a pimple here or there, but makeup isn’t about putting on a mask instead it’s about learning how to emphasize your favorite things about yourself and loving yourself.

Makeup is an art and it can be fun too. When we were young, we all have been in that place where we used to run our hands in our mom’s makeup bag and apply makeup for no reason. Life is short and its no wrong with experimenting with makeup and have fun. Applying a bold lip color or trying a new technique doesn’t mean that women are insecure. It simply means that women want to have fun.

It is a popular belief that women apply makeup for others and to impress people but to the contrary belief they apply makeup because they feel good and even more confident. They do it for themselves and not for anyone. It is the only time when women can be selfish and spend a little time with their own self.  Makeup is art and you are a canvas, but makeup enhances the canvas it doesn’t change it. 

Makeup is also a way to express yourself. Some women go for natural looks, some go for a more dramatic and bolder look. Either way we can get a hint of their personality. Whether women wear makeup or not they are beautiful either way. Makeup is fun and women like to play with it and experiment with new looks cause there are no rules!

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