Masoom Minawala at Paris Fashion Week

Because a lot of us were in love with fashion even before we knew what it stood for. A lot of us wanted to embrace all of it even before we had any idea about its depth! A lot of us wanted to do something related to fashion even before we knew something solid about it. We fantasized about shopping sprees consisting of LV’s and Prada’s without having the least bit idea about their use. A lot of us wanted to visit France and have dinner at the Eiffel even before we knew the essence of travelling and almost all of us want to get that picture-perfect shot in front of the Eiffel Tower even before we knew how to pose!

However, we were Millenials and we evolved with the world and now if a girl wants to describe all the above she can accomplish the task in one simple sentence stating “I am inspired by Masoom Minawala”. She is not only a perfect example of a fashionista she is what we say a pure passion product! If you follow her on the gram and we are sure that you do, and you are aware of the fact that past month has been fully loaded for her, and we solemnly say that we have loved all her looks and almost all of them have made it into our gallery of screenshots we are a little biased towards her looks at PFW!

Hold Thy Breath!

Because this year it has been all about some very basic co-ords and some very happening boss ladies! It is in the picture below that you can spot both at once.
It is as if like she is stating her purpose with her style: “A lady who is inclined towards investing in her self and keeping faith on the rest. ”

Caught in the Act

We have caught our favourite blogger red-handed while she was playing with all other colours and we must say that she would have been guilty is looking dangerously subtle was a crime. Also, you may Erick your neck while trying to soak in the perfect heels with that little bag.

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// Reporting outfits live from Pareee💅🏽

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I am the View

We all know that with the number of efforts and hard work done by Masoom Minawala the view after the climb had to be breathtaking. However it has been at points like this that she has turned the tables, there is absolutely no guessing about her

At my happy place

Because this kind of love is simply the best kind of love! She is late for a fashion show-is walking on the streets with pointy heels-maybe tired from constant shoots, packing and jet lag. However, her smile says it all. Her love for fashion can be best summed up in the pictures below that she is just so happy being around it that nothing else matters!

It’s all Worth it

It is not every day that you can pair up with Cargo pants with a designer sling- It is not every day that you roam around in the fashion capital of the city dressed to kill and It is definitely not every day that you get a chance to take a mirror selfie at the Dior stores on the streets of Paris.

So much love to this beautiful post.

Living My Best Life

This post has all our heart because it looks every bit natural and candid as it can be. The post rekindles the memory of our school and college days where we used to shout “Present Ma’am” after our roll number being called out. However, this is very unusual because it seems that someone at Dior is taking attendance and Masoom is all present to ace it!

Print & Post

This one can be best summed up into: Live – Create- Love! 


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Happy Kid
If happiness comes in waves she was standing on the shore with some real high tides. From the moment of the Paris touchdown to flaunting those shiny passes and showing off those Paris street vibes she has been as happy as a kid in a candy shop.

BTS Goals

Needless to say roaming about the Dior backstage would have been a surreal experience and we owe her one for sharing this one because it was like a whole new world. The backstage was decked up with greens and looked regal in every sense. Also, she mentioned the fact that Dior will be planting over 100 trees all over Paris in celebration of PFW 2019.

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