Meet the Street Stalkers: Rahul and Ishita

In the world full of glam and gusto, Creatorshala has found the rawest players. In the present context, the one who creates their own life & style wins the race. Here, we would like to mention the name of Rahul and Ishita who have collaborated to blog and create their own lifestyle with thestreetstalkers.  

“We were Strangers in the same city, became FRIENDS and later Best Friends on Facebook, Yes that exactly where and how we met.” – Rahul and Ishita

Rahul and Ishita own the collaborative blog – thestreetstalkers. They partnered to create a space where for cultural lifestyle and information flows. The bio of thestreetstalker says, “Harder, you work, luckier you get! Choose it, & Work for it!”. This particular statement reflects how strongly they believe in hard work. Thestreetstalkers, today have an amazing fanbase of 88k followers and above all, a verified Instagram account. Only this pair knows the effort they have put in, in making thestreestalkers and in getting a beautiful blue tick on it as a medal.

Ishita and Rahul: Who are they?
Ishita – An engineer by profession and creator by passion. Ishita posses her deepest love in creating lifestyle content specifically on Travel, Food, Fashion, Apparel & Photography. She dreams to see the whole world and so she is, living with this persuasion. 
Rahul – Rahul is also an engineer by profession but his love lies in photography and is a fitness freak. He believes in living life, king-sized with no compromises. He wants to travel the whole world. 

One thing where Rahul and Ishita coincide is their goal, to travel the whole world. Both of them are posting different stuff on with an individualistic approach, but have the same collision point. Their goal has always been the single-minded goal and that is what has created their success story.  

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