Men’s Fashion Trend


Guy in printed shirt is the guy that everyone gets their eye on. Printed shirts makes one unique and eye catchy.The floral touch, Polka dot, abstract adds a completely new flavor to the entire attire.


Pinstripes are widely recognized but many people tend to confuse them with chalk stripes. While the former pattern uses a single fine thread to create the effect of a pinhead spot, the latter uses a series of light threads to resemble a line made by tailor’s chalk.A pinstripe suit is a statement in itself so you won’t need to do much to accessorize it – a pair of cuff links on a French cuff shirt will be enough! Go a step further and pair your silver cuff links with a metal wristwatch. Alternatively, complete the look by matching your leather wristwatch to your outfit.


Pleated pants have folds or pleats along the waist, towards the front and the different types can define a trouser formal or informal. The leg of the trousers is usually well tapered towards the ankles and they can be with cropped ankles or traditional hem lengths.

The most significant character of pleated pants is that they are high risen or high waist than the regular trousers.


Remember to choose jeans based on your body type, style, shape and occasion. Ripped denim will limit occasion but the information below should help you step out in style.If you have the time, then vintage denim is the best. It’s been well loved, worn and repaired multiple times. 

We recommend a classic black blazer more than any other color. If you’re more daring then burgundy or perhaps a green tuxedo jacket will work too. Maybe match your blazer with your shoes. Yes, both suit and tuxedo jackets are acceptable. Just ensure the jacket is well fitted. In terms of colors, black tends to work with all denim colors, however brown suede or leather works better with darker.


Shorts for men are the ultimate style quotient during summers and monsoon. Hence, irrespective of where you’re right now, you need no extra reason to sport different shorts styles. They are always season and occasion appropriate and you can either dress it down or notch it down to suit your fashion style. For instance, if you are wondering how to wear shorts to work on a casual Saturday, you can pair a formal shirt and shorts whereas, if you are going on a trip, especially if it is a long drive, shorts can be the classic way to shout effortless style and comfort.

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