Niki Mehra at Paris Fashion Week

If dedication was a sport, this
Boss Babe of ours would have owned the ground, She is the perfect mixture of sass and well some more sass and boy-o-boy, the way she flaunts it is just exceptional. Niki Mehra is the luckiest of the lot because “Uska Pehla Pyaar Pura Ho Gaya” reason being her first love was her love for fashion and one look at her blog makes it more than evident that fashion loves her back! 

Colour and Class

Because, a purple garden always blooms and well she was nothing less than one! She owned the streets with that passion for purple and rocked them like a pro. Also, that bag with those clothes is a perfect combination of class and charisma. If that outfit was planned we are a fan of her thinking and if that was a coincidence it was indeed a beautiful one!

I got my own Back 

There is nothing sexier than a girl who knows that she has got it all, and moreover she knows how to flaunt it.

P.S: Need shades because those ear rings be so bright.

Dreams Coming True 

This is actually one of those rare moments when it took us more than a few seconds to notice the Eiffel Tower because that one picture is actually all you need. She looks super regal and we are literally at loss of words because the picture speaks for itself.

All Set 

As the title clearly states that they are all set, however the thing for you to guess is what exactly are they set for?

Loads of Pictures?


Some Gossip, because duh!

To set that backstage on fire?

We told you guys, keep guessing!

Throwback Time Already! 

Its already been two weeks and we are in no mood to get over PFW and neither are our bloggers. So get ready for some really cool throwbacks and makeup some space in your phone galleries because you will be taking a lot of screenshots.

Me- My Girls 

Squad Goals, because real queen’s fix each other’s crowns!

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