Nikita Aggarwal Is Exploring The World With Her Fork

Let Your Belly Rule Your Mind!

Today’s article is dedicated to a foodie who is busy exploring the world with her fork: Nikita Aggarwal. Nikita is a Delhi based food blogger, a Youtuber, Digital media brand consultant and a social media strategist. Nikita will sure shot make your tummy growl with her food pictures on Instagram. She has captured hearts of over 89.7 K people on Instagram and she has received a lot of love for her feed.

A Girl With Fork wasn’t pre-planned. Nikita is from engineering background and was preparing to write her MBA’s. She always had a passion for travelling and loved food. While training in Ahmadabad she’d often travel to places like Jaisalmer, Mount Abu, Udaipur, Diu and many more. Nikita while helping her friend for her food blog; met a lot of food bloggers from Delhi and went to a ton of events. That is when she realized she belonged here. This is what she thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to do for the rest of her life. One fine day, while holding her Maggi in once hand and a fork in another; A Girl With Fork happened!

A Girl With Fork is basically a journey of a girl who has a long lasting relationship with her fork. It’s her journal which includes everything food related. You’ll see Nikita sharing her travel tales and cuisines she enjoyed there, she sometimes cooks and shares those recipes with her followers, and of course her amazing photography skills act like a cherry on top of the cake. This vegetarian foodie is not someone who just goes to fancy fine dining restaurants or 5 star buffets. She loves some yummy chat and street food. You’ll see her exploring streets, vendors, hawkers and what not for some piping hot local delicacies. Which is honestly what makes her stand apart.


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