Perenne Cosmetics

Perenne is a new Indian skincare brand with a wide range of skincare products which are nature derived. The word Perenne is a spanish word which means Evergreen. The brand aims to maintain your youthful beauty with protection, prevention, reviving and recovery. They have integrated products which serve all types of skin care and beauty needs. No chemical or any harmful ingredient is added and is free from skin damaging. These products are 100% natural with no artificial colors and animal derivatives.All their products are inspired by the Indian diversity of Flora and Fauna which are rich in ingredients for a beautiful and healthy skin. They have combined these ingredients with modern Bio Technology around the world to give best results.All the products range from Rs 699 – Rs 799 approximately and are easily available online.Their range includes a nourishing cleansing cream, brightening body lotion, revitalizing tonic mist, hydrating face wash, broad spectrum SPF and radiance day cream.All the products are natural and very effective. It is suitable to all skin-types, even the sensitive skin as these products are also tested and prescribed by the dermatologists. The products work very effectively and add a natural glow to the face. Even the packaging of the products speaks of class and quality.

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