Playing MatchMaker:Outfit Combos for Flawless Look !

We all have witnessed moments when we were just standing bare feet in front of our Almirah, holding one item and clothing to our lives and simultaneously looking for its other half.Extremely Unlikely to our dear relatives, we dread the process of match making and have revulsion to the moments when we have to give up on wearing a garment just because we could not find the perfect match! 


–Clothes make a statement but Outfits tell a Story–


Creatorshala team brings you, clothing combos that will tell a story worth remembering! 

All Denim: Pairing a denim skirt, or a jeans with a denim jacket or a shrug, is a idea that you can never go wrong with, the option is best for day-outs , and the best part there is more than 90% chance that you will stand apart from the crowd.

White Formal Shirt and Pastel Pants: They are comfy, classy and catchy all at the same time, Pairing up of white with pastels, is a trend that is not yet penetrated and is definitely here to stay.Perfect outfit for summer days!

P.S: Looks like these must always be paired with subtle makeup!

Black Tee Paired with Khaki Trousers: Every girl owns a black tee, that is her favourite, However every girl has run out of styles to wear that tee and still look apart from  the crowd! Well, buy some khaaki  Trousers(Fit or Boot Cut) pair them up with your black tee and high ponytail! Oh, and well Thank us Later!

Beige Heels and Matching Bag(Obvious Much): This one is no biggie, but is defiantly here to stay. Not only this one makes us look groomed it has a touch of grace!

Hurry up on this one

Jeggings and Shrug: This one is for those days, when you have obviously over run your parlour schedule and well in simpler terms your hands are not waxed! Pair up a shrug with your favourite jeans and you are good to go!

Stiletto Boots and Blouses: Take our word and try this one! We solemnly promise that you will be loving this one with all your heart.

Word of Caution: One pair will never be enough!

Kurta and Dupatta: Lets please outgrow the trend of matching our duppata’s and  churidaars, this one is the inspiration from Pakistani Daily Soaps, my mom still watches. But its definitely worth a fair try.

Bangles with Traditional Wear :In simple words, if your outfit has 6 colours, rush down to the store and get bangles of all six colours and flaunt them on!

Don’t forget to get a clicked in Bole Chudian Pose.

Bralette and Jeggings: Take our word, and adorn this ensemble somewhere you are sure to spot your crush! While jeggings  will be giving you a sporty outlook, which is evidently liked by boys bralette will be accentuating your feminine side, In other words this will be your version of “Magic Spray to attract boys ”

Lip and Nail Colour: This is one trend that is known to everyone, is super easy to follow and yet underrated in terms of actually coming out ! Try this one and let us know, how you felt when your inner diva came to life!


Bonus tip: Hair Tie with Hair Colour : This is an essential and not to be missed at any cost! Matching your hair ties with the colour of your dress and blouses is a big No-No! Instead go for hair ties that are closest to your hair colour and are not much visible when tied! 


Also, never forget to wear your Invisible Crown with that Shatterproof Smile.

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