RADHIKA SETH: Born to Set new records

When good looks meets creative mind, the result is admired by gazillions as it is the rarest combination of all. Therefore this sizzling 22 year old girl, Radhika Seth is set to create new records as an influencer which she has been doing since quite a few years. She started blogging when she was 18 years old and has now become a prominent name in the world of influencers. Radhika loves dancing and is testing her hands into modelling professionally. This Delhi based diva went to the University of Mumbai to do her college studies and is now a well-known internet personality due to her pretty face, amazing body, long and luscious hair and a remarkable dressing sense. So it isn’t wrong to say that a personality with so many gifts doesn’t take a lot of time to attain fame.

She has featured in a few commercials of some prominent brands such as Sofy. She featured in a TV advertisement with Deepika Padukone which is also said to be her favorite Bollywood actress and idol. This fun loving and career oriented girl has no limits whatsoever when it comes to influencing a crowd of thousands which is obviously visible by the number of followers she has on her Instagram page which is next to some 810K followers.  She was also featured in a music video as dancer on the song ‘Swalla’ that went viral on YouTube.

Radhika has always had a knack of travelling and hence her travel shenanigans attracts a lot of people.

She’s a girl who gives out very chill vibes and this is the very reason why a lot of her followers feel connected to her. As her follower all you can do is watch her touch new heights everyday as an influencer and blogger and get influenced by her spell bounding aura.

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