Road Trip? 5 Snacks You Should Definitely have!

Vacation Mode on- Check!

Deciding the place to go- Check!

Packing- Check!

But wait!!! Have you thought about snacks yet? Or you have complied this list of best snacks to take on your road trip? If not, then this article is what you need to go through. Like always we at Creatorshala are here again to makes things easier for you. You are just a click away!!

We have complied the list of 5 Best Snacks you should definitely have on your road trip.

Water/ Cold drinks

Carrying water or cold drinks or something to drink is a must, if you are going on a long road trip then it would be difficult to manage without it. Add this as the basic requirement in your list.

Fresh Fruits

Adding the next item in your road trip snack list is fresh fruits, from choosing your favourite fruit to choosing season’s fruit, get whichever fruit you like. But remember keeping fresh fruits might get you in a messy situation so here’s the tip for it, cut fruits in slices and keep them in plastic bags for a clean situation.


Choose your favourite brand of chips and add it in your list. There are various brands of chips in the market but the tip here is choose the best as comparatively to cheaper brands will make it messy and trust us you don’t want that on a road trip.

Banana Muffins

Which road trip is complete without muffins? And most importantly banana muffins. Don’t forget to add muffins in your list. And said by a infamous personality muffins are ready, start to finish, in just half an hour!

Dry fruits

Be it walnuts or raisins or almonds, it all depends on your taste but we say that  add it in your list as it is the best munchies you can have all the time. Go for dry fruits because it takes less space but gives lots of nutrients.

All packed right? so get your bags on car and mark a check on road trip!

Road Trip- Check!