Roshni Bhatia: An Inspiration for All!

Will you ever believe that Roshni Bhatia aka Thechiquefactor who faces camera everyday in her life but she is the same person who was once faced male chauvinist expecting nothing but service from his wife.

Welcome back Creatorshala’s  Readers, we are back with an inspirational story of someone who you all love and her work always makes you fall in love with her again and again.

There is something common between courage and Thechiquefactor aka Roshni Bhatia. No matter in what age you are as to follow your passion you do not have any barrier. She is a living example of it.

There is a lot in the journey from being a mother to blogger who has taken over the community of bloggers, Roshni Bhatia. Not everyday you will person like her who’s story has come across to millions of people. She exactly knows how to keep a balance between the two important realms of her life. From mothering a 11 year old son to facing the spotlight everyday by being an influencer, She has shown how to go through it.

People say their life is hard when they do not get their choice of dress or when they do not get the food they want. You won’t understand what is hard once you live in it. Roshni Bhatia knows what hard life is to be, when she was born to a single mother and her grandparents raised her. Due to financial issues she got married in her early age to a male chauvinist and they were world apart. Once in her interview with Instagram page “Human of Bombay” she mentioned that there was days when she used sleep with her makeup on because her first husband reminded her of her being middle class and he couldn’t look her without it as it was not as per standards. Living a life of an object for a long time but, when her son was born she decided to file a divorce and moved out.

To support her life she started working as an assistant in a company, where she found her current husband who not only supported her in personal life but made sure that she follow her dream. And the result she is now one of the top bloggers/influencer of India.


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